5 Whiskeys Perfect to Pair With a Campfire

There's nothing better than having a cup of whiskey around the fire with close family and friends. 

Sitting around the campfire is an age old tradition I've participated in since before I could even walk. We've camped in tons of different places and each year we spend the holiday season hunting, where more than a few campfires get lit at night.

I'll be the first to tell you, getting a deer the morning of Thanksgiving and celebrating with fellow hunters around the fire that night is probably better than any other holiday!

But what's best for the occasion? What do you need to make the most of your campfire time? A stiff drink, that's what!

I've collected a list of the top five whiskeys to sip while you sit.

1. Wild Turkey 101

You can't go wrong with a wild turkey, whether we're talking hunting or liquor. This bourbon is the kind you almost need to have ready for the fire.

2. Tin Cup

A tin cup has always been a staple of hunting camp. Fill yours up with this batch, and you will celebrate the right way.

3. Bulleit

Whether you are summer camping or braving the winter, mark the moment with some Bulleit.

4. Knob Creek

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A stream or creek is typically a great spot for camping. Make sure your camping spot stays true with some Knob Creek.

5. 9 Banded


This Austin-based company is branded around the nine banded Armadillo. It's one of my personal favorites that will spice up your campfire drink.

As always, drink responsibly (but we don't need to tell you that, right?!).