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Vortex Optics Throws One Heck of a Halloween Party, and It’s Hilarious

vortex optics halloween party
Vortex Optics

It’s good to know that the team at Vortex Optics knows how to throw a killer Halloween party.

With less than a week to go before the company halloween party, here’s some witty inspiration for the avid hunter from the crew at Vortex Optics.

I’d definitely hate to be this buck in a room full of hunters.

Someone definitely drew the short straw to be the buck in that office.

In the world of deer hunting, Halloween is great day, and it’s not because of the costumes or parties, it’s because the month of October is behind us and the rut is going into full swing. Though killing a big buck during the month of October is extremely possible, the change of weather and hormones in the month of November is unlike any other.

deer hunting
Scoutlook Weather

Be sure to keep track of the weather this season and always know wind directions before heading to the stand. The easiest way to do this is to check the Scoutlook Weather app on your phone before venturing out. This app has saved me countless times with its up-to-date wind patterns, game movement times and barometer readings. Scoutlook is a critical tool for the serious deer hunter… and it’s free!


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Vortex Optics Throws One Heck of a Halloween Party, and It’s Hilarious