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Taylor Drury Receives Over 100 Death Threats After Harvesting Buck

taylor drury
Drury Outdoors

Taylor Drury deserves applause, not death threats.

Last week, Taylor Drury sent an arrow through the boiler room of a 184-inch Iowa monster buck, a great success and an achievement every hunter hopes to cherish. Within minutes, hateful responses and death threats plastered the walls of Taylor's Facebook and Instagram accounts. In the end, over 100 death threats and more than 75 scolding comments were posted by people across the internet who disagreed with her harvest of a mature whitetail buck.

What has the world come to?


Taylor Drury, deer hunting

Each year, hundreds of hunters across the country are harassed by protesters and other angry non-hunters who feel the need to disrupt someone's hunt because they disapprove of our choices. It's up to you to decide whether you agree with hunting, conservation and providing meat for your family through nature; however, it's completely ridiculous to threaten someone's life because of their achievement and stance on that very same topic. In fact, it's disgraceful.

Drury Outdoors

I think I can speak for the entire bowhunting community when I say that we stand behind you on your recent Iowa buck Taylor, congratulations! Stay the incredible role model that you are for the next generation of bowhunters and don't let the angry web trolls smear what hunting is all about, food, family and the outdoors.

Enough talk about negative people... now, back to deer season!

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Taylor Drury Receives Over 100 Death Threats After Harvesting Buck