Litter Box Furniture Cleverly Hides Kitty's Unfinished Business

Litter box furniture is the ultimate upgrade for any cat owner.

Being a cat parent and keeping a chic, stylish home don't usually come together. Our cats imperil our couches and recliners with clawing. So we buy scratchers to distract cats from the furniture, and we spray the furniture with feline repellants. Then there's the litter box, which no matter where we put it, is an eyesore. Sigh. Litter box furniture might seem extra to those of you who have a great spot for your litter box, but it can be an absolute lifesaver for pet parents living in small homes or apartments.

There is one place where cat and furniture work together: the litter box disguised as furniture. Check out these end tables, night stands and more. They look—and act as—functional furniture, but their secret identity is litter box holder. Here are our fave pieces of enclosed litter box furniture that actually improve the look of our homes.

Best Litter Box Furniture

Feandra Hidden Cat Litter Enclosure

Meet your new nightstand or end table. A distinctive rustic brown color, it would look great in your living room with a lamp or a plant gracing it. But beneath that exterior is kitty's litter box. Made with rugged particleboard, the piece has doors designed to look like a barn's. It's water and scratch resistant.

Unipaws Cat Litter Box Enclosure

This example of litter box furniture opens from the top, making it look almost like a traditional stereo cabinet. (It also has front doors that open). It's made of wood, and like most litter box enclosures can double as a nightstand or end table. We love the color, a unique weathered gray.

Ecoflex Jumbo Litter Box Cover

This unit adds to the typical table design with a front door that flips down. It's made of a non-toxic, recycled plastic. It comes in versatile hues of Antique White, Grey, Espresso Black and Russet Brown.

Baxton Studio Cat Litter Box Cover

This end-table style litter box furniture is distinguished by a lower shelf that supplements the tabletop space. Place a photo or two on the tabletop and a few artsy books on the shelf; kitty does her business down below. A single door gives access to the litter box for cleaning.


Arf Pets Cat Litter Box Enclosure

The top of this wooden unit is elevated, creating a shelf underneath. So you have two surfaces to put your stuff on. Meanwhile, underneath, cats have a place to relieve themselves.


Good Pet Stuff Cat Litter Box Planter

This litter box is concealed inside a planter. This is ideal if you have limited space and can't quite accommodate the larger table style models. It comes with realistic looking plants. The pot is made from a material that looks just like clay. Plus, it has a filtered vent system to control odor and dust.

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