Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Take the Chore Out of Having an Indoor Cat

"I love to clean my cat's litter box!"—said no one, ever.

Alas, this chore isn't a ton of fun, which is why quality self-scooping litter boxes come in handy. Whisking away odors and those kitty clumps too, a good box like this is worth its weight in gold.

To help to find the right automatic litter box for your pretty kitty, we've sifted through the options. Keep in mind you'll still have to empty your cat's box occasionally, but the self-cleaning mechanism means less scooping for you and fresher air for the whole house as well. Happy shopping!


Litter Robot 3 Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

It's pricey to be sure, but your fluffy princess deserves only the best. This high-tech wonder sifts through your kitten's waste, leaving only clean litter behind, so all you have to do is empty the drawer when it's full. There's even an auto-clean cycle designed to fight smells, plus you can control the box from your phone and check in on your cat's output with an app.


CatGenie A.I. Self-Washing Cat Box

A toilet for a cat? Yup, this litter-free product is nearly the same as a personal feline throne, since it flushes away the mess and then runs through a wash cycle. The granules that replace the litter, as well as the sanitizing solution used to clean the box, are safe for your septic system too. Your feline pal will also love the hot air treatment that dries the box after every use.


Automatic Cat Litter Box with Infra-Red Sensor System

The kids will love that this box looks like a little space ship—and your cat will dig the near-instant cleaning process that starts the second he exits the chamber. A small fan hums quietly inside to move waste odors toward a carbon filter to break down the smell and the device's efficiency means you'll use much less litter annually, potentially saving you hundreds.


Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

This hands-free pick comes with a month's supply of litter bags plus a smart angled design that deflects any errant litter, keeping it inside the base when your kitty scratches around. You'll also get to pick the type of clumping litter you prefer, rather than feel locked in to a special choice recommended by the maker. Oh—and the box is touted to be four times quieter than the others.


PetKit Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

It looks like a mini front-loader washing machine, but it does way more than your GE can. With a dozen different sensors (thermal, weight, infra-red, anti-pinch) plus two settings (auto-clean or scheduled-clean), your cat will be in litter box heaven each time he goes. You'll also love that the box is compatible with a range of different litters, such as mixed, plant-based, and clay.


Boqii Catlink Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

You won't have to scoop or deal with the litter for a solid three weeks with this box, which makes this product ideal for those who work long hours out of the home or folks who like to travel. Multiple cats can use it and each one's output can be recorded daily, weekly or over the course of a year. You can also choose from various clean-up modes (auto, manual, empty and timer) via an app.

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