All images via Okawa Kagu

This Japanese Company Makes Furniture Replicas for Your Cat

Your cat needs its own little bedroom. 

Japanese company Okawa Kagu knows how important your kitty's comfort is. The company designs miniature furniture made for your cat that can match with your own sized furniture.

cat furniture

Not only are the designs modern, the pieces look to be of solid construction and design. They are truly little masterpieces of architectural genius.

And does your cat deserve anything less?

cat furniture

The Japanese furniture design company is actually a collective of about a dozen artists. Each piece is specially designed by a different craftsman and the price tags are nowhere to be found on the website.

It seems that these beautiful little pieces of cat furniture are custom-made and if someone is serious about these works of art, they can reach out to the artists here.

Check out some cats testing out the designs.

Even though IKEA released a pet furniture line for the more economic-minded pet owner, Okawa Kagu just upped the ante for those who truly want the best for their special feline.

 Does your cat need more luxury in its life? Tell us in the comments! 

All images via Okawa Kagu

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