Locked Bucks
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Hunters Must Work Fast to Saw Hopelessly Locked Bucks Apart

These hunters must work fast to free this buck.

Almost every hunter wants to witness a knock-down, dragged out buck fight at some point while they are hunting. Unfortunately, these fights can sometimes turn deadly when the deer accidentally get their antlers locked together. That is just what happened to the bucks in today's video.

These guys come across these two gigantic bucks locked in mortal combat just a tad too late. One of the deer is already dead and has been partially consumed by coyotes. The dead buck's body is tangled in a barb wire fence, trapping the other.

This deer will die a long, slow, and agonizing death unless something is done. Fortunately, these guys have a saw and a plan for a quick and humane release. What follows is one of the best deer rescue videos we have ever seen.

It is too bad these guys did not stumble across these deer sooner. The buck that was already dead was an absolute monster that most hunters can only dream of seeing, let alone shooting. This type of scene plays out every year in nature. It is simply how mother nature helps maintain a balance of healthy animals.

Can you imagine how terrifying things must have been for the surviving buck? Having to watch another animal get eaten alive before his eyes and not being able to flee or do anything about it? If deer have nightmares, we imagine it would be about something like that!

At least one of these bucks got the chance to live to fight another day. Cutting the live buck's antler ensures it will not be caught in that situation again this year. Although it would make for a confusing shed antler find for anyone that locates it without knowing the rest of the story.

Good work fellas on getting these bucks free. Thanks for sharing the video of the rescue with the world!

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