Facebook/Wisconsin DNR

Bucks Are Still Fighting? Wisconsin DNR Separates Locked Bucks in Sauk County

Bucks are still sparring in Wisconsin.

Last month, we shared some footage of two locked-up bucks an Oklahoma game warden managed to free. We thought the incident was a little unusual being so long after the conclusion of the rut. But apparently, bucks are still sparring in many areas of the country, including Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shared these photos on their Facebook page of two bucks who locked up Feb. 12 in Sauk County.


One would normally think a fight would pop off a buck's antlers this time of year. But these two weren't anywhere close to losing their headgear. In fact, wildlife officials had to sedate the bucks and cut their antlers to free them.

"If you thought bucks stop sparring after the rut, think again!" the post by the DNR reads. The post also says the bucks were tagged and later ran away unharmed by the incident.

At this point, I don't think we'll ever be surprised by the timing of two locked-up bucks again. Here's to a good job by the Wisconsin DNR on freeing these guys up to fight another day!