The Rut is Still on in Oklahoma? Warden Frees Locked Buck from Dead Combatant

The rut is still on in Oklahoma?

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we didn't expect to see the first locked-buck video of 2018 until next fall. However, the Oklahoma Game Wardens recently shared this fresh footage of a buck locked up with another that's already dead.

Check out the footage they posted on their Facebook page. It seems really late in the year for them to be fighting, doesn't it?

These locked bucks must have found the very last hot doe in the woods. I can't imagine this happens very often this time of year, as bucks are usually thinking more about winter survival at this point.

You always hear about late rutting activity, but it's rare you see proof of it. Beaver County Game Warden Mike Baker was the one who responded to this scene. In what seems like typical Oklahoma Game Warden fashion now, he shot the antler of the dead buck to free the living one.

They also posted these photos of the aftermath.

It's a shame one of the bucks ended up dead, but it goes to show how cruel nature can be. Excellent shooting to free at least one of these bucks for next season, Warden Baker!