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Remember When These 3 Ohio Bucks Were Found Locked Together?

All images courtesy of Got Hunts

How rare is it to find three deer locked with locked antlers that have succumbed to death's embrace?

What a find in Meigs County, Ohio! Forester Jason Good discovered these three intertwined dead bucks in Leading Creek while surveying timber Nov. 12, 2015.

The landowner and the game warden were amazed.

When the bucks were alive, they must've been quite a sight of rut rage that ended in the demise of all participants.


With Ohio Division of Wildlife game warden Joshua Shields on scene, it was quickly decided this was a natural occurrence and no foul play was involved, except that of the buck deer toward each other!

The salvaging of the tangled heads commenced. Zip ties held the antlers together just how they were found in the creek.


The salvaged heads were removed from the rest of the deer carcasses. There was an 11-pointer, a 10-pointer and a 7-pointer that had a broken eighth tine. According to Boone and Crockett Club scorer Jack Satterfield, there was over 400 inches of bone.


What an amazing find that was discovered by mistake. This shows that it's a tough life in the wilderness, even for those tough whitetail buck deer that found themselves in a bad situation during the rut.

All images courtesy of Got Hunts



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Remember When These 3 Ohio Bucks Were Found Locked Together?