House Cat Coyote
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Protective House Cat Chases Urban Coyote Out of the Neighborhood

This urban coyote is not as tough as he thinks.

As urban areas around the country increasingly cut into the natural habitat of wildlife, animals are starting to wander into the city limits more often. Many cities across the United States have real coyote problems now because the animals have found ways to thrive in the concrete jungle. After all, they do scavenge and eat rodents, and cities have no shortage of meals of that variety.

In this video, this bold coyote is wandering around a suburban neighborhood in broad daylight, presumably looking for a snack.

Well, he will not find it here. Because he meets up with an ordinary house cat that is extremely upset at the intruder. Normally, you would think that a domesticated cat would be targeted by the coyote as a prey item. That is not the case. In fact, the coyote goes off on a hasty retreat when the Tabby decides this coyote does not belong in the neighborhood!

The lesson here is to never underestimate an ordinary house cat! In case you thought this video was a one-off instance, it is not the first instance of a cat chasing a coyote that we have seen. We have even seen video of cats chasing off black bears before. Ever had a cat scratch you? Yeah, it is not a pleasant experience and it seems the coyote knows that.

In case you were wondering, this footage was shot in S.t Catharines, Ontario. It is a highly urban area not far from Niagara Falls. We are guessing this coyote was pushed out of his home by urban development and is now trying to scrounge for food near homes.

In any case, we are glad the cat was not harmed and that he ran that coyote out of the neighborhood for now. People always think of dogs when they think of protective animals, but this goes to show cats are good at guarding their homes too!

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