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Cat Fights Off Coyote Trying to Climb Up on the Front Porch

A pretty cool story coming out of Denver, Colorado, has been captivating social media. As several news outlets reported in 2017, the surveillance camera footage captured by Jason Zaffuto speaks for itself. Regardless, as the story goes, Zaffuto and his family had been feeding a stray cat for a little while. Then, as luck would have it, he was watching his cameras as a coyote tried to sneak up on the stray cat right on the front porch in the middle of the night. What happens next is pretty cool to watch. How could you even expect to look at your camera and watch a live-action coyote attack anyways?

Even in the wild, it's rare to capture a violent interaction between animals on camera, but seeing two different species go at it is even less common. We should consider this a cautionary tale however, as coyotes are becoming more and more common in residential areas, and are more than capable of preying on family pets, regardless of how protected you may think they are by fences and foliage.

After this footage started trending online, Zaffuto told his story. As he said, once he saw the coyote, he ran outside to help the cat but they both were gone before he made it the porch. After seeing the footage, things looked pretty grim for the poor stray cat. Luckily, Zaffuto followed up by saying the cat showed back up on the porch looking for some food that next day.

You have to give that cat credit. It may have used up a few lives figuring out a way to manage a way of this coyote attack. When a fearless cat fights wild animals with such powerful punches, you'd better have the HD video recording.