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Coyote Charges, Attacks 2-Year-Old Girl

If you've ever wondered why people stress the importance of predator control, here's your answer.

According to a report from, during the summer of 2019 a coyote attacked a small child in the Aurora, Ontario, one of Toronto's northern suburbs.

The parents reportedly said they were walking home with their 5-year-old son and their 2-year-old daughter around 9:00 a.m. June 16 from a dinner party. When they returned to their home, the kids wanted to go look at a tree they'd recently planted, at which point they ran into a predator lurking in the shadows.

In the video below, you'll see the coyote stop when it first notices the boy, and then charging when the girl comes trotting in.

He commits what almost looks like a hit-and-run on the girl, throwing a quick nip while simultaneously retreating from the scene.

The 2-year-old girl's parents immediately run to their daughter's aid, but not before the coyote did its damage.

Watch the clip of the coyote attack below:

"She's fine, she just has a very superficial lesion on her body but she is frightened," her mother told CP24. "It probably thought (the girl) was the perfect size for it, so it just ran towards her.

She also said her daughter won't have to get any vaccines.

"At first she was very scared, after the incident happened she did not talk for about an hour. She didn't see to much that happened, she just knew she was attacked."

In a separate report from, the mother said they actually recognized this particular coyote.

"We came screaming and making all kinds of noise as we ran to her," she said. "She cried. I have images of the coyote on our driveway previous to this."

The family is now considering building a fence to keep the coyote away, but it won't stop all predators from showing up. This is exactly why predator control is so valuable. 

Note: This post was originally published in June, 2018.