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Man Walks up on Coyote Den and Gets an Earful

When you get too close to a coyote den with momma nearby, you know it. 

A pretty crazy video has just emerged from Brendon Stutzman, who was walking his dogs through a wooded preserve in Chicago, when something happened he didn't expect.

After watching this video, it's hard to think anybody could expect it. From our best guess, Stutzman and his dogs may have ventured a little too close to an occupied coyote den.

In most cases, if you were to walk up on a coyote in the woods, you would never know it. They are often times gone well before you could ever even have known they were there. However, this coyote had something else in mind.

That is insane! Experiencing something like that in person has to be at least a little unnerving. I've heard coyotes go off like that in much greater distances, but not so close you can get them on video.

You have to think that since coyote lives in Chicago, it's probably a little more used to being around people than most, but regardless, if it was protecting the family coyote den, it sure was doing a good job.