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Rare Albino Buck Spotted in Idaho Cemetary

Julie Raichart

Of all the places for an albino buck to call home, why not a cemetery? 

Recently, photos have been emerging of a very rare albino buck making frequent appearances at a local Boise, Idaho cemetery. At first, many people were reporting that they thought the deer was some sort of statue, then it would move. One such resident of the area, Susan Briggs Tarbox, shared her encounter with the ghost white animal first hand in an interview with a local news station.

We stopped and I stared at the deer until he moved his head again.  We got out to look at him and he looked very peaceful, standing there and quietly nibbling the shrubs.  We couldn't believe he was real, he was stunning. It felt surreal, like we were looking at some sort of mythical creature.  We both grew up in the country in upstate NY with whitetail deer everywhere, but have never seen anything like this guy.

Shortly after this story emerged, a video also surfaced from a Boise resident's Instagram page. As you can see below, the same albino buck was captured on film in the early season in the exact same area.

Another poster on the original thread even caught a picture of this beautiful creature a little more recently by a landfill some distance away from the cemetery.

David Dyer

You have to admit seeing something like this in person is a pretty rare thing. Most people go their entire lives without seeing just one albino. Luckily for the people of Boise, their resident albino buck looks like it's going to be around a while.


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Rare Albino Buck Spotted in Idaho Cemetary