Black Bear House Cat
YouTube:Jane E

Black Bear Flees Up Tree From Attacking, Angry House Cat

Territorial tabby wants this bruin out of his area!

Black bears can be vicious predators when they want to be. Their sharp teeth and long claws give them quite the edge over other animals of the forest. While these animals are omnivorous, when they decide they want to catch some live prey, they are efficient in doing it.

Not many animals would willingly tangle with a black bear of any size for no reason. Doing so sounds like a recipe for disaster to us.

Especially if you are an ordinary house cat. What chance does this tubby tabby stand against this young black bear? It turns out, the cat holds his own better than you might think.

Well, that just goes to prove it is true what they say, appearances can be deceiving. Did you notice how every one of that cat's hairs was standing on end? That was an attempt to make himself look bigger and it must have worked, this bruin wanted no part of the cat!

The bear must have been a glutton for punishment because there is a second part of the video that shows the bear did not learn a lesson about encroaching on the cat's territory the first time. The cat is more than happy to give him a second scare.

Now, we do realize that this is a young bear. It appears it is probably an older cub that does not have a ton of life experience. Most older bears would not willingly get this close to the human who was shooting the video. However, that bear does appear to have a good 30 or 40 pounds on the cat at least, yet the ferocious feline was unphased. The bear should probably be embarrassed to be frightened of a pampered house pet!

We wish we had a little more context on this video, where it was shot and what happened next. Alas, we are left to simply wonder. One thing is for sure, we will never try intruding on this cat's territory!

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