wolf vs bear
YouTube: Smithsonian Channel

Wolf and Bear Square Off in Battle of Apex Predators

North American nature doesn't get more intense than this.

Nature can be one harrowing beast, as there are no rules for wild animals, but rather instinct and survival tactics that dictate the pecking order. This is the most evident when we see predators go toe to toe with one another, as each brings a unique set of advantages over its competition.

In this short clip from the Smithsonian Channel series "Wolf vs. Bear," we see grizzlies and wolves square off over a coveted food source. Like any riveting nature video, the key players have one thing driving them, and that's the will to stay alive.

While different species in the wild may greatly vary in appearance, behavior and habitat, all of them keep survival at the highest priority. Humans are no different, either, as we'll do some pretty gnarly things to stay alive if we're pushed into a corner.

In this case, food is the key to living another day, and there are several takers in line. A handful of grizzly bears have come across a carcass somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, or perhaps Canada, and are enjoying a group feast. Unfortunately for the bruins, a congress of ravens come in to snatch up what they can, but signal a nearby wolf that also needs protein.

Without hesitation, the wolf howls to call for backup, which quickly shows up.

As you're about to see, this becomes the ultimate game of chess, as one will have to outsmart the other to take home the bacon.

Watch the video below:

When you see a series called Wolf vs. Bear, you'd probably expect to see some epic, violent showdown. However, it's interesting that even in the animal kingdom, it always pays off to play smart rather than hard.

It's also incredible to see how advanced those wolves' instincts were and how effective their strategy was. At first glance, I'd assume the bears win this fight 10 out of 10 times, but I think it's safe to say the wolf pack duped them on this one.