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Here's How to Make the Best Dog Cake for Every Occasion

A life with dogs is always worth celebrating, and no party is complete without the perfect cake.

Your pup would love nothing more than to stuff their snout into a plate full of sugary dessert, but their bodies aren't made to eat the same foods as their human friends. A regular cake can make a dog sick, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't indulge in the occasional sweet treat.

Personal Creations is your go-to source for recipes, crafts, and party planning, and they would never dream of excluding the furry friends of every guest list. Their baking experts have put their minds together to come up with an extensive guide to help dog owners make the best dog-friendly cakes. Before they get into specific recipes, they first go over the importance of choosing the right ingredients.

Stop and Study the Flour

baking flour

If you're making a cake for two-legged friends and family, you dip your measuring cup into whatever kind of flour you have on hand. In most kitchens, that means you're using white, all-purpose flour.

When baking for a dog, however, you need to consider other options. All-purpose flour meets basically zero nutritional requirements for dogs. Personal Creations suggests using coconut, almond, potato, lentil, or chickpea flours instead. They're grain-free and good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Substitute for Safety


Many of the ingredients that go into regular cakes are bad for dogs, but smart substitutions remove unhealthy options without sacrificing cake-like goodness. You wouldn't dream of sticking your fork into a cake that has mashed potato frosting instead of your favorite cream cheese mixture, but your dog will love it.

Sweet potato puree, honey, coconut oil, peanut butter, and mashed up bananas also make good icing alternatives. Whatever you do, stay away from avocados, cherries, chocolate, and grapes.

For extra points, top your cake with homemade dog treats, their favorite dog biscuits, or shredded carrots.

Choose the Right Recipe

Once you have the right ingredients, all you need is a great recipe catered to your canine's appetite. Personal Creations has collected 15 dog cake recipes for you to try out. From coconut and berries to sweet potatoes and carrots, they've included all the healthy foods dogs love. Your dog will be thrilled to have a cake they don't need to beg for, and you know they're eating something that's safe and good for them.

Whether your pup is turning a year older and deserves a doggie birthday cake, they just graduated with honors from training school, or you simply want to treat your fur baby to an extra special treat, Personal Creations knows how to do it best.

Visit their website for full dog cake recipes and other great ideas.

Do you have a favorite dog cake recipe? Let us know in the comments below. 

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