The Sweetest German Shepherd Gets a Quinceañera Celebration

The fiesta of quince años is a Spanish and Latin American traditional celebration for a girl turning 15. 

Jackie Pizano lives in Oklahoma City with her German Shepherd, Nova. Nova isn't technically 15 years old but Pizano decided a canine quinceañera was the right thing to do. So she dressed Nova up pink and they had a right-of-passage party

Complete in a pink dress slash tutu covering her back and topped with a princess crown, Nova got the full coming-of-age treatment, including the traditional dance by the "man of honor." Her man sashays into the party and swoops Nova up for the transition into female doghood.

Her other human guests keep time by moving back and forth introducing Nova into a world of duty and responsibility, urging her to stay on her path of righteousness and truth, like other girls turning 15 years old in Spanish and Latin American culture. It is a very special dance for a very special girl.

Nova recently graduated from K9 University where she earned the Einstein Award. She deserved a big bash where she was the star!

Since so many people loved Nova's big party, Jackie made her and her little sister pup, a mini Doxie named Phoebe, an Instagram page. Maybe in a few years Phoebe will get a quinceañera party too.

Have you been to a quinceañera? Tell us in the comments below. 

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