Keep Your Pet Away from These Super Bowl Snacks

The wings are ordered and your buffalo chicken dip is a yearly hit, but don't forget about the pets this Super Bowl Sunday.

The biggest football game of the year wouldn't be complete without the perfect spread of game-day snacks. You've waited all year for the excuse to order six different kinds of chicken wings for your Super Bowl party and there's no reason why a plate full of tortilla chips and creamy dip can't be considered a full meal. But when your belly is rumbling and the countdown to kickoff has started, you won't be the only one eyeing up the snack table.

Dogs and cats are great game day buddies, but not all Super Bowl snacks are safe for furry football fans. As you plan the menu, don't forget that these foods are dangerous to pets.

The MVP of the Buffet Table, WINGS

A plate of delicious Buffalo style chicken wings with celery and dipping sauce.

Whether your favorite flavor is spicy, mild, barbecue, or garlic, don't let your dog or cat near the wings. Cooked chicken bones are easy to splinter, and when swallowed, they wreak havoc on the gastrointestinal tract.

They'll poke holes in your dog's internal organs and cause a serious medical emergency. Even if you decide to go boneless, that buffalo wing sauce you love so much is too much for a canine tummy to handle. You could be spending halftime cleaning up your sick pooch's mess.

Bad News Brews

Humorous Shot Of British Bulldog Wearing Sunglasses

Football and beer go together like a dog and a bone, but keep your furry friend away from your drink. Pets can't process alcohol the way humans do, and even a few laps could make you four-legged friends seriously ill.

Beer can lower the heartrate and slow down breathing, and dogs have died due to alcohol-related respiratory depression. Your pup may be the only sober one at the party, but if you really want to pour him a pint, try one of these dog-friendly beers.

Onion Rings Are a Flag on the Play

Chips rings with sauce and onion on cutting board

Onions rank right next to chocolate on the the list of foods dogs shouldn't eat. They contain an ingredient that causes a condition called hemolytic anemia in animals.

Basically, onion toxicity causes red blood cells to burst, and the condition can be fatal. If your onion rings are fried, your pup's in for a double-whammy. Dogs and cats usually don't handle fried food well, and overdoing it often leads to diarrhea.

Don't Pass the Guac

A delicious authentic mexican guacamole dip with avocado, lime, and tomato.

The great avocado debate has been going on in the pet world for years. Researchers don't necessarily agree on whether the fruit you love so much is harmful to dogs and cats, but it does contain a substance called persin that causes breathing issues and nasal congestion in animals.

The other ingredients in your favorite guacamole recipe, like onion, garlic, and salt, are also bad for your pet.

Your dog or cat can gear up with his own jersey and join in on the Super Bowl fun, but have a game plan to keep these dangerous foods out of his mouth. Avoid putting your plate down on low coffee tables and don't let those puppy dog eyes cause you to fumble. It'll also help to have a handful of pet-friendly snacks so no one feels left out.

Do you plan on watching the Super Bowl with your pet? Let us know in the comments.

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