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Here’s How to Avoid a One-Antlered Moose

one-antlered moose
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Having troubles with a one-antlered moose? Here's how you avoid one.

Curtis Phelps was just being a well-meaning partner by taking out the trash back in the early part of January when he encountered an oddity that can best be described as a one-antlered moose. 

As Phelps was walking out toward the driveway to deposit the garbage, a lone bull moose suddenly appeared and wasn't particularly pleased to see him. Usually, a Saturday morning is a pleasant time to relax and begin your weekend, but this time it was think fast or get run over.

While the moose didn't appear too terribly aggressive, it was still obviously interested in seeing what Phelps was all about. Luckily for this weekend warrior, he had something up his sleeve to help him disappear.

WATCH: Close encounter with moose turns into hide-and-seek

A man taking out the trash used a quick-thinking getaway to avoid confrontation with a one-antlered moose. Thanks to Amy Phelps for sharing this video with us!Read More: #Moose #HideAndSeek #Video #Share

Posted by Channel 2 News, on Friday, January 17, 2020

The video was from a RING home security camera, shared by Amy Phelps. It looks like any other beautiful, blue-sky day with calm winds and a serene setting, but upon further review folks in most other states don't have to deal with this issue very often.

The moose probably shed one of its antlers by the time this video was captured, and was just interested in seeing just what Curtis Phelps was, since moose don't have the best eyesight.

Once that young bull decided there wasn't anything else to keep his curiosity, he moved on to the next-door neighbor, reflecting the old saying, "only in Alaska."

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Here’s How to Avoid a One-Antlered Moose