moose dive
YouTube: Alyssa Hewlett

Canadian Bull Moose Cliff Dives Right in Front of Onlookers

A small group of boaters taking a ride near Nippers Harbour, Newfoundland, got the shock of their lives when a bull moose appeared on a cliff above them.

The group was even more shocked when the young bull decided to let gravity take over and jumped from the cliff! The quick-thinking people had their cameras going and captured the whole thing on video just in time.

It wasn't astounding enough to see a moose atop the sheer rock cliff—in a place it just shouldn't be—but when it decided to take the plunge, all bets were off.  It's just that, will it survive? Will it suffer whiplash? Will it even come to the surface? Watch and see:

That had to be at least a 40-foot leap and up came the young bull for air and a swim! What a stroke of luck to be there at the right time and with their camera ready to see such an incredible sight of a cliff diving moose.

In actuality, moose are known to be pretty excellent swimmers, but doing it immediately after cliff diving into the ocean is a little more to ask! We're glad this moose diving situation seemingly turned out alright.

Cheers to the moose and here's hoping that it managed to swim to shore to dry off and leap another day. Let's just leave the cliff-jumping to the experts from now on, shall we?

And cheers to Alyssa Hewlett who was the one who filmed and posted this clip on YouTube in the first place. She likely never thought she'd be seeing daredevil moose dives on her ocean excursion!