These Half Christmas Trees Finally Keep Curious Cats At Bay

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It's hard to keep your cats' playful paws off everything, especially your Christmas tree.

Cats love swatting at just about anything—their toys, your dog, and even that mosquito that somehow got into your kitchen. To keep your holiday decorations intact this year, consider a half Christmas tree for cats.

Argos is the UK-based company behind the tree. The UK company knows that pet owners can get frustrated with curious cats around the holidays. Broken ornaments, shredded tinsel, and messy Christmas lights are no fun when your home is supposed to look full of life!

Check out this social media post of the half parasol Christmas tree.

Home Heritage True Bark 6 Foot Slim Artificial Christmas Tree

You might have trouble finding the artificial tree this year, but you can still find a half Christmas tree on Amazon. Home Heritage's 6-foot tree is a great alternative. There aren't any bottom branches on the tree, which means it's basically cat-proof.

Cat owners are giving this half Christmas tree fantastic reviews. An Amazon customer gave it a five-star review and said, "The most perfect tree for a small apartment (and cat lover)!" It's time to replace your full tree if your cat is pulling a Grinch on you (trying to ruin Christmas, that is).

  • Tall tree stands 6 feet tall, and the small tree stands 3 feet tall

Not only is this fake tree a great pick for curious cats, but it's also a great tree for homes with babies and little ones. Babies can be just as sneaky about grabbing lights and tinsel! Many families can benefit from this unique Christmas tree.

Also, since it's tall and slim, it's space-saving compared to a traditional tree. You'll have more than plenty of room for your wrapped presents!

Not only do we recommend this tree for kitties, but we also recommend wall Christmas trees. They are Christmas trees that are mounted on your wall. They're perfect for feline friends who swat at ornaments and for toddlers. Check out our friends over at Wide Open Country for a few picks. They will look fantastic in the living room, game room, home office, and more.

Now, it's time to go all out with the top half of your half tree. Maybe one day your kitty will leave the bottom half alone. Visit Amazon and Walmart for trending Santa decor and more this holiday season.

This post was originally published on September 11, 2020.

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