23 Dogs in Christmas Sweaters Who Couldn't Look More Jolly

'Tis the season for dressing dogs up in adorable Christmas sweaters.

The holidays are about giving; Giving gifts, giving hope, giving cookies — However you share it, spread love. When it comes to dogs, giving happens 365 days a year. Around Christmas, while we're busy shopping for all our presents, they're busy serving up good tidings and lots of snuggles.

As expected, ugly Christmas sweaters look even better on dogs than they do on people, and these pups are ready to see Santa Claus by showing off their best holiday outfits.

Best Dogs in Christmas Sweaters

1. Cheesing for the camera.


2. The most wonderful time of the year.

3. Have a holly, jolly Christmas.

4. Ho ho hope you've been a good pupper this year!

5. Looking Labra-dorable in that Christmas sweater.

6. Some friends are worth melting for.

7. They're only missing Rudolph to lead the way.

8. Why the short face?

9. Christmas cuteness at work.

10. Santa Paws reporting for duty.

11. Oh, Christmas tree!

12. Naughty or nice?

13. Waiting for Santa.

14. That's no dog!

15. The cutest Christmas pajamas

16. Santa's favorite helpers.


17. Shouldn't there be presents under that tree?

18. Peace on Earth and dogs wearing fun hats.

19. An outfit fit for an elf.

20. The star of the holiday party.

21. Now where are those cookies and milk?


22. Holiday wishes and mistletoe kisses.

23. The puppies were nestled all snug in their beds.


We're sure Santa won't be disappointed, as these pups look great in their holiday outfits!

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This article was originally published December 1, 2017. But honestly, is there a bad time for puppies in Christmas sweaters?

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