Hungry Goats Want Your Old Christmas Trees!

If you're not sure what to do with your old Christmas tree, you might consider donating it to some hungry goats.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Caitlin Hunter - owner of Appleton Creamery in Appleton, Maine - wants your old Christmas trees so she can feed them to her 60-plus goats that live on her farm.

Hunter said:

"Goats are browsers, like deer. They aren't grazers, like sheep. They love to eat trees and shrubs and brush. Small trees, like Christmas trees, are perfect for them. It's a good combination of fiber and something to do."

Last year, Hunter's goats ate the Christmas trees that decorated Union Common during the holiday season, but this year she hosted her first-ever Christmas tree drop-off day at her farm.

Although the drop-off day was on January 7, Hunter said that old Christmas trees are still welcome at the farm, which is located at 780 Gurneytown Road, after that date.


Hunter's not the only person who wants your old Christmas trees. Jake Langeslag - owner of Goat Dispatch in Faribault, Minnesota - is also seeking old Christmas trees to feed his hungry goats.

Langeslag told Fox 9:

"A couple of years ago, we saw on social media someone was doing this in Arizona. We thought we'd try it on a small scale on our farm. [We] started with 12 trees. The next year, 150. This year hope to do 300 trees."

If you have an old Christmas tree that you're not sure what to do with, contact some local farms near you to see if they have some hungry goats. If you already disposed of your Christmas tree, there's always next year!

Would you donate your old Christmas tree to some hungry goats? Tell us in the comments!

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