bass in mexico

This Guy Nailed His New PB Bass in Mexico

If you want your biggest largemouth, go fish for bass in Mexico. 

Okay, first off, who in their in right mind would want to go fish for bass in Mexico? Well, if you have the hookup and the resources to make it happen, that is something every fisherman would want to do. Mexico has a bass population that might rival those of Texas, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia combined.

As you are about to see in this video, Sugar Lake is just about 30 minutes south of the Texas border. No passport is required, and you don't have to spend the night. There are also guide services that can show you around. If you fish it, just maybe you'll knock out your new personal best bass in Mexico as well.

On average, 60 bass totals is about average for a day of on the lake. Fish reach up into 10 pounds fairly commonly. With just those two stats alone, Sugar lake is a destination that any bass fisherman should have high on their list.

If you can find a way to make this trip happen, just be careful with your cameras. As they said in the video, you don't want to give some random cartel members the wrong idea.