late winter bass

Big Late Winter Bass are Moving in Texas

It's time for these late winter bass to start hitting the feed bag for early spring. 

During the peak of winter, fishing often times really slows down. Luckily, we have sport shows to get us through, but then all of sudden, a shift happens and fish start eating again. Late winter bass, right before the sunshine of springs warms the water, can be pretty intense. As you are about to see, big ones are moving in Texas right now.

Lake Fork, located in Texas, just might be one of the top big bass states in the country. Huge largemouth are caught all year long, but the time is right for the biggest of the big to be caught right now.

Yep, that is what late winter bass fishing is all about. Even though in Texas it is more like spring right now, the calendar says winter, so that is what it is. Chucking spinnerbaits and looking for active fish is the name of game. For the guy in the video, that is a game he just won with a 10 pounder.

Congrats man, what a fish! Many go their whole lives and never catch a bass that big.