record alligator gar

Near State Record Alligator Gar Caught in Oklahoma

Regardless if it hit the state mark or not, this is still a record alligator gar in anyone's book. 

Sparky's Guide Service, on Lake Texoma, Oklahoma, produced a prehistoric fish of incredible proportions very recently. A seven foot, near 200 pound alligator was caught by a group of buddies fishing for striper. Even though this fish wasn't their intended target, being able to land this fish and get the picture just might be worth more than obtaining the record. 

"A lot of times you're not able to catch them due to the fact that they're so big," David Escamilla, one of the fishermen who landed the giant, said in an interview. "And we're not truly fishing for them."

Currently, the state record alligator gar measures out to eight feet long and weighed in at 254 pounds. However, many locals, including Escamilla, say there are a lot bigger gar that swim in those waters. The only problem with fish that big is that they are incredibly hard to reel in.

In Oklahoma, fishermen are allowed to keep one alligator gar per day. However, if a fisherman does decide to keep one, state officials ask for a notification of the size.

What a fish!