How to Tie the Bimini Twist, with Brooke Thomas

Out of all the knots out there, learning to tie the bimini twist might be the most intimidating. 

It's easy to see that Brooke Thomas is a rising star in the world of saltwater fishing. Hailing from Florida, she knows her way around a boat. By following her YouTube Channel, she knows an awful lot about fishing as well. In one of her latest clips, she breaks down exactly how to tie the bimini twist, and make it look very easy in the process.

Just follow along, step by step. It really isn't as hard to tie as it may appear.

One thing is for certain, you can tell Thomas knows her stuff by the way she ties the knot. It's hard to fake it in a world of know-it-alls and to see her so effortlessly tie one of the harder knots in saltwater only adds to her credit.

Adding this knot to your list of knots to know puts a nice tool in your pocket should you ever need it for pretty much all trolling applications. This knot is also pretty handy when it comes to line and leader connections.

Thanks Brooke! Now we all have something to practice before fishing really starts to get good this spring.