24 Not-So-Obvious Uses for Your EDC Knife

You'll learn a few new tricks with this list of things your everyday carry knife can be used for.

Know someone who still doesn't carry a knife every day? Use this list to point out how valuable an EDC can be.

  • Use it as a measuring tool when you don't have a ruler
  • Sharpen a pencil
  • Celebrate your New Year's Resolution accomplishment by punching a new hole in your belt


  • Pop stubborn dead batteries out of gadget compartments
  • Cut parachute cord free when you're hung up
  • Release a pack string when your mules are tangled
  • Cut rope out of the propeller on your fishing boat
  • Build a fire
  • Cut seat belts in an emergency
  • Clean your fingernails
  • Open mail
  • Open a bulletproof bag of chips
  • Free a baby manatee from a fishing net


  • Cut your food
  • Smash things (many EDCs have a glass-breaking end)
  • Remove staples
  • Cutting a dog's leash in an emergency
  • Money clip
  • Get a stubborn knot out of a rope
  • Get gum out of the carpet
  • Make a tourniquet / do first aid
  • Scrape off glue
  • Open a coconut when you're stranded on a desert island
  • ...a knife makes a great paperweight (that doesn't make you look like a goofball).

What else can you use an everyday carry knife for? There's got to be a ton more ways. Did we miss anything?

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