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Bass Fishing in Downtown Dallas is Exactly What You'd Think, Sort Of

Apparently, downtown Dallas has some bass fishing hot spots. 

These days, finding permission to fish private waters is becoming harder and harder to come by. Sometimes, you just have to get inventive. Obviously, if a body of water is marked private, then you have to respect that. However, if there is no sign, well maybe that's a gray area? This especially rings true when it comes to bass fishing in downtown Dallas, Texas.

As you are about to see, LakeForkGuy puts out a lot of great bass fishing videos. This video is no different. This trash-river-sewage fishing in the middle of Dallas goes exactly how you think it would. They get into a couple bass, but it's more about the experience than anything else.—vqg

If you want to try to get in on some city bass fishing yourself, first off, make sure you have permission. If not, at least make sure your "hobo stab insurance" is paid up so if the worst case scenario happens, you are good to go.

A lot of ponds exist like this all across America. If you can find the access, odds are good you are going to have a great time catching more bass than you would expect.