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Do Big Bass Eat Big Swim Baits? YES!

If you didn't know big bass crush swim baits, you are way behind the curve. 

It seems now more than ever, if somebody is chasing giant bass, they are going to be casting big swim baits. Every since this style of lure blew the market up a few years ago, success stories have only increased. Just like in this video you are about to see, a near six pound bass is just another notch in the belt for this exciting fishing technique.

Caution: There is explicit language in this video.

Swim baits that size are only designed for one thing; giant bass. Seeing as that bass did all it could to eat that bait, eat it, it did.

I think it would be safe to say that this year, some of the biggest bass caught in the US will come on some variety of giant swim baits just like the one you saw in the video. The old saying about big fish eat big baits is absolutley true. Otherwise, the popularity of these lures just wouldn't be as high as it is.

Will one of these giant bass baits make its way onto one of your rods this year? You might be missing out if not.