German Shepherd Meets Kittens: Here's Their First Nuzzles

The dog vs. cat rivalry melts away when this German Shepherd meets kittens for the first time in the "awww"-worthy video.

One curious German Shepherd dog finds himself face-to-face with an adorable batch of kittens. The brand new kittens get a sweet introduction to their new dog friend.

Meeting of Furry Kitten Friends

Rocky, the German Shepherd, is unsure what to make of these furry little creatures sitting on top of their owner's bed. The cute baby kittens nose around at their doggy sibling as he checks them out. Cats and dogs aren't usually best friends, but I feel that this pairing will be friends for a really long time. This doggo and his kitten family members will get along like the cutest little dog and cat pairs with a bit of socialization.

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Kittens Are Eager to Nuzzle German Shepherd

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Nothing is cuter than a dog meeting something they are not sure about. This funny dog has not been a german shepherd puppy for a really long time. Seeing something so small and wiggly was a foreign concept for this adult GSD. The funniest part of the video is the kittens wanting to nuzzle the grown dog while Rocky is still working out the details. The cat owner picks up one of the newborn kittens to show Rocky that it's okay.

The new cat lunges toward the pooch to try to see what the giant furry creature is. The new animals are just as unsure of him as he is of them. Rocky's natural instinct is to be wary of these little tiny furballs. He's not sure if he is supposed to be herding them or what!

How Dogs and Kittens Should Meet 

Dog trainers will tell you that to ensure a successful introduction of new animals. You should introduce them slowly. You can separate them by using a baby gate or by putting one into a kennel so they can nose each other through the grate. Even if you are confident in your dog training abilities, it may be best to approach the introduction slowly. German shepherds and other dogs like pit bulls with a high prey drive may benefit from the slower introduction approach. If you plan on keeping dogs and cats in your home together, be sure to keep the litter box out of your dogs reach.

For now, we will just enjoy this adorable video of Rocky and his new siblings!

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