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Dog Rats Out Little Friend for Pooping in the Kitchen

All alliances are out the window when mom comes home!

Canine siblings Judy and Sunny are two peas in a pod. They're rarely apart and spend their days and nights playing, cuddling, and spending time with their human family. But every now and then, two dogs means double trouble. Like when mom leaves the house and comes home to find a smelly mess in the kitchen.

With two dogs and only one incriminating pile of evidence, mom knows only one of her adorable tail-waggers is guilty. Is it Judy with her perfectly pointy ears and shaggy coat? Or maybe it's little Sunny, the Chihuahua of the family. The best way to find the culprit is to question the suspects.

Cracking under the pressure of interrogation, Judy is quick to point the paw in the other direction. She snitches on Sunny without hesitating, and we might feel bad for Sunny if we weren't so impressed with Judy's comprehension of her mom's question. Judy's paw on Sunny's shoulder, and Sunny's look of betrayal leave no questions as to who the guilty party is.

Like true siblings, Judy and Sunny occasionally disagree, but they're still best friends at the end of the day. Luckily for Sunny, she's too cute for mom to be mad at for long. The mess is cleaned up with no harm done, and the two sisters will have to wait and see what kind of mischief calls their name next.

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This article was originally published January 30, 2018.

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