German Shepherd Cries Joy in Reunion With His Owner

A dog's loyalty knows no bounds, and this German Shepherd is over-the-moon excited to finally have her best friend back.

Freya is a German Shepherd with a lot of love to give. She has a strong bond with her owner, but sometimes life keeps them apart. Freya was used to her best friend leaving her a few hours a day to go to work, but when hours turned into months, she started to worry.

Freya's owner left her with his mom while his responsibilities took him elsewhere. Even Grandma couldn't make up for the absence in Freya's life. The German Shepherd was safe and well-cared for, but she still missed the man who raised her.

Finally, the day came when Freya's owner was able to come home. Their family knew that after months apart, the reunion between man and man's best friend was going to be good. They staged a plan to catch Freya's reaction on video.

The man hid behind the door while Freya greeted his mother first. It only took her a second to realize she wasn't alone. The German Shepherd ran out the door and straight into her owner's arms. She licked his face, jumped on him, and couldn't seem to control her excitement. Her joyful cries show just how much she loves and missed her owner.

Freya is happy to have her best friend back and is determined to stay by his side from now on!

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This article was originally published November 22, 2017.

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