Swiss Alps

Fly Fishing for Brookies in the Swiss Alps Looks Absolutely Spectacular

You will be inspired and awestruck at the unparalleled beauty in this stunning film of two men fly fishing for brook trout in the Swiss Alps. It is simply incredible.

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Fishing in the Swiss Alps is one of the angling world's little "secrets." It's not really a secret, it's more a matter of not a lot of people knowing about it. But more anglers should know about it. The Swiss Alps is a great angling destination.

Everyone knows that the alps are stunningly beautiful, but they're expansive enough with lots of trout-filled waters to provide plenty of opportunities for anglers.

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This gorgeous little three-minute video is just one example of what the region has to offer. Not a word is spoken; but the landscape speaks volumes.

There are dozens and dozens of mountain lakes, rivers, and streams in this beautiful alpine region (Switzerland contains six percent of Europe's freshwater). And the brown and brook trout fishing is sublime.

If you are considering a fishing trip to Switzerland, be aware that many of the smaller streams like those fished in this video can only be fished three days a week (for conservation reasons).

The Swiss brook and brown trout season runs from mid-March to the end of September, with the month of May really kicking off the season for most anglers.

As you might imagine from viewing the video, a stealthy approach and precise presentation is key to fly fishing these streams.

I must say, it looks as though half of the fun of fishing this region would be the hike to and from the various bubbling streams and pristine pools.

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