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Fly Fishing Montana in Spring is a Treat [VIDEO]

"Springtime in the Bear Trap is kind of special..."

That's what Zach Neville says. Neville is a guide for The River's Edge outfitters in Bozeman, Montana.

Here he speaks fondly of spring fly fishing for trout on the lower Madison River in the Bear Trap Canyon Wilderness of Southwest Montana.

The early spring scene is inviting. While the surrounding landscape has yet to burst forth with it's full spring greenery, there is life below the surface of the river, as beautiful sleek trout surface to swallow drifting insects from the hatch underway.

"The hatches can be phenomenal." say Neville. "Certainly the surface of the water can be blanketed."

The short film was produced by Brickhouse Creative, a strategic design and brand management agency in Bozeman.

They've done a marvelous job in capturing and enhancing the energy and beauty of the lower Madison in the Bear Trap. As a promotional piece to entice anglers to fish the area, it's an excellent piece of work.

If a spring trip to the Madison River isn't in the cards, at the very least we can use this sweet little video to fuel daydreams of being there, casting to trout just below the surface.

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Fly Fishing Montana in Spring is a Treat [VIDEO]