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Brothers Film Their Elk Hunt Up Close and Personal in Gorgeous Landscape

The fact that elk live in beautiful wilderness areas has never been more true than on this elk hunt in a stunningly lush mountain landscape.

Brothers Travis, Tom and Trevor Schneider of Stuck N The Rut are two for three in filling their elk tags, with Trevor still hoping to tag out.

Travis and Trevor hike into the Idaho backcountry where Travis tries to bugle in a bull elk for his brother. With cameras rolling, including a GoPro on Trevor’s head to capture a first person perspective, a large bull moves into range at 30 yards.

Of course the hunt itself is cool to witness, including some smart and effective post-shot tracking by the brothers. But equally as compelling is the brilliance of the landscape that they’re hunting in. Take a look.

The mountainside is still flush with green vegetation, but signs of autumn are everywhere, with splashes of reds, yellows, oranges and earth tones throughout. It’s the kind of landscape that a plein air painter would envy.

Trevor was unsure of his shot, and so the brothers made the smart decision to give the bull some time. They built a fire, dried their clothing and warmed themselves for a spell before beginning to track the wounded animal.

They didn’t have too far to go – about 80 yards – before finding the magnificent 6×6 piled up. They’re both surprised at the size of the beast.

It took them two days of heavy loads to haul the bull out, but I think you’d agree that as rugged as the area appears, it is also one of the more beautiful pieces of country caught on film.

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Brothers Film Their Elk Hunt Up Close and Personal in Gorgeous Landscape