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Make a Deer Hair Mouse to Fly Fish Autumn Brook Trout

Tie your own fly fishing mouse to catch hard hitting topwater coaster brook trout worthy of the wall.

Dillon Beck and Aaron Wiebe from UnCut Angling are fishing pre-spawn brook trout in Northern Manitoba. They're moving back into small feeder creeks off of a larger tributary river that connects to Hudson Bay.

The brookies are hitting topwater mouse flies with some gusto because, according to Wiebe, baitfish are scarce in the river. Sculpins are their primary baitfish source, along with "creature-type baits", which the guys are taking advantage of by making deer hair mouse flies on the spot.

Wiebe gives a quick tutorial on how to tie a deer hair mouse fly before motoring back to the mouth of a small feeder creek, where Beck catches another big brookie on the lures they made.

There's something doubly satisfying about catching fish on lures you've made yourself.

I'm also impressed by the size of the brook trout coming in from the sea of Hudson Bay where they winter. They don't yet have the full color we usually associate with brook trout, but they're a very pretty fish nonetheless.

You might not be able to fish a coastal region like Wiebe and Beck are doing here in Northern Manitoba, but you can successfully use this technique of fishing prespawn brook trout with small hand tied mouse flies no matter where you are.

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Make a Deer Hair Mouse to Fly Fish Autumn Brook Trout