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Fly Fishing Atlantic Salmon: Breaking the Surface [VIDEO]

Passion, that’s what this 3½ minute film is about. Passion, and incredible fish in a magnificent setting.

The St. Lewis River in Labrador, Canada is one of those magnificent rivers that make you certain that God is a fly fisherman. It is truly beautiful; the kind of river that you imagine John Ford would want to put in one of his films.

Silver torpedos called atlantic salmon burst from roiling water, desperate to climb impossible waterfalls. It is beautiful insanity.

Others swallow flies at the surface of the river, usually violently, sometimes acrobatically.

On the edges of the river anglers look for salmon to cast to, like grizzly bears who also look for salmon at the foot of the falls.


“Breaking the surface is all about atlantic salmon going for the dry fly. No more, no less: pure passion.”

Fly fishing atlantic salmon on the St. Lewis. It’s glorious stuff, no doubt about it.

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Fly Fishing Atlantic Salmon: Breaking the Surface [VIDEO]