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Volcanic Rainbow Trout Fishing in New Zealand [VIDEO]


Fly fishing in New Zealand for rainbow trout is on a lot of anglers' bucket lists. After watching this footage you might want to move it up a peg or two.

You've got everything a fly fisherman would want here: gorgeous scenery, good weather, and a lake full of big, beautiful rainbow trout.

These anglers said that they initially had planned for a backcountry river adventure. But oncoming inclement weather compelled them to fish a more accessible lake at New Zealand's North Island instead. They landed eight rainbow trout over five pounds and several smaller ones. Four of the trout they caught were between six and six-and-a-half pounds.

All of the fish are absolutely gorgeous, thick and vibrant.

One of the anglers, Andrew Harding, said of the lake, "Conditions - as is typical for this lake - were sun, calm, wind, rain, fog and clouds. It's high altitude, meaning it really cops 'four seasons in one day' weather, and overnight rain made some muddy sections un-fishable. A long day and great company in stunning North Island alpine surroundings."

Sounds like rainbow trout fishing heaven to me.

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Volcanic Rainbow Trout Fishing in New Zealand [VIDEO]