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Florida Boaters Save Dog By Diving Into The Ocean

Florida boaters saw more than fish swimming in the water.

While spending the day on the water, a group of boaters in Fort Lauderdale found a dog swimming in the middle of the ocean. Though the water was choppy, the Florida boaters save the dog.

Jumping In The Ocean To Rescue Dog


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Byrn Crowell and her friends were out on a boat ride when they saw something bobbing about in the choppy waters. In the video uploaded to TikTok, they realize that it is a small dog. The dog was trying to swim in the open water but had no life jacket, and with no land or other boats nearby, the group was puzzled as to how the pup got out there in the first place.

The video shows one of the friends, Dylan Berian, jumping into the water and rescuing the dog by pulling him up into the back of the boat. The Florida boaters save the dog successfully!  Thankfully, the pup had a tag with the dog's name and the owner's phone number. Crowell and her friends got ahold of Zuko's owner, who had been frantically searching for him. The video captioned "Florida things" has been viewed over 11 million times.

In a social media update, Crowell updated her followers, letting everyone know that Zuko was now safe and sound at home with his owners, who were about 20 minutes up the Florida coast in the next inlet. It turns out Zuko was out on the boat with them, biting at the waves, and jumped into the ocean on accident, and when they realized he was no longer on the boat, they retraced the bot ride to find him. However, they could not. The owners were heartbroken.

As a thank you and for their gas, Zuko's owners gave the rescuers $300. In Crowell's final update, she posted a message exchange with Zuko's owners. The dog owner had taken him to the vet to get checked out after his dramatic ordeal. The vet said he was nice and healthy and not suffering any ill effects from his time in the ocean.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe On The Water

????If you are out on the water with your dog, whether on a kayak or a boat, your pup should always be wearing a life jacket, even if they are an excellent swimmer. Zuko is one lucky pup that Crowell and her friends found him.

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