Dogs Can Swim Like Mermaids if They Wear This Life Vest

Dogs that love to swim or hate to swim will turn into mermaids if they wear these life vests in the pool this summer. Honestly, your dogs don't care about life vests but we do! There should always be a life vest or life jacket on your dog when they're swimming so shouldn't they look like they're in a Disney film? Yes!

We saw these on Amazon and they're made by Albabara. The colors are fabulous and available in orange, green, purple, and blue. The price starts at $22.99 for a small and they run up to an XL. Check the reviews out on Amazon as different types of breeds and different sizes seem to be a great fit for this type of life vest. 

Some of the features sound wonderful although I haven't actually tried this vest out with the hounds so I'll list some features here from Amazon's product page.

  • It's easy to put on and take off. The PVC rubber makes hanging it up for drying also seamless.
  • It has reflective strips for visibility, thick foam for better float and neck pad for holding the pet's head better. 
  • The S, M, L, and XL is suitable for dogs with 9-26" neck, 14-37" chest and 11-17" back length.

However, don't mistake this for a safety life vest for a dog life jacket! Dog life vests are different than life jackets. The American Kennel Club tells us that there is a difference.

"Dog life jacket vs. dog life vest: Decide whether you need a dog life jacket or a vest. Dog life jackets cover more of your dog and provide both buoyancy and visibility. They're recommended for boating and other water activities. If your dog swims primarily in a pool, on the other hand, you might be OK with a life vest. A life vest is typically lighter, covers less of your dog, and is easier for casual swimming."

I cannot think of a more adorable life vest for your dog this summer. If you're looking for something casual and your dog is swimming in the pool with you then this is a perfect solution!

Albabara Dog Life Jacket Mermaid Fashion Floatation Vest Doggy Lifesaver

The life vest has an adjustable velcro and buckle. The design creates a comfortable and custom fit so you can let your pets swim without any worrying. The pricing starts at $22.99 for a small. 

Know someone who could use this? Tell us in the comments below!

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