Stray Dog Rescued Before Severe Mange Claims His Life

Animal Aid received a call on its helpline about a stray dog suffering from a horrific case of mange.

The rescue team responded to the call right away. They managed to track the dog down. The dog was frightened, though. It had been quite some time since he'd been shown any kindness. He tried to run as help approached, but a rescue team member caught him in a net.

The dog was rushed back to Animal Aid's shelter. Caretakers knew he needed immediate medical attention for his severe skin condition. First, however, they gave him a good, nutritious meal, likely the first he'd had in a very long time.

Once he'd eaten, Animal Aid staff gave him the first of what would be many medicated baths. Day after day for six long weeks, they bathed him, fed him, and showered him with affection. His body needed to heal, but so did his heart.

Fortunately, all the TLC paid off. Watch this heartwarming rescue and recovery journey:

Thanks to Animal Aid, this dog is now happy, healthy, and has a bright future ahead of him. He will live out his days at the Animal Aid sanctuary, surrounded by dozens of other rescued street animals, including cows and donkeys.


Help came just in time for this lucky boy, but that's not the case for many of India's other forgotten animals.

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