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Piper The Talking Dog Is "Mad" When Summer Fun Is Over

Humans barely want to let go of summer. Why would Fido?

Summer is prime playtime for dogs who love water. Whether they like to swim in the lake with their dog life jackets on or hang out with their owners on boats or kayaks, these water-loving paddlers do not want the fun to end. This adorable pooch definitely does not want her kayaking trips to be over. Piper, the dog wants to kayak!

Talking Dog Wants To Kayak


Piper wants more kayaking in her life. #dogbuttons #talkingdog @FluentPet

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In an adorable TikTok video, Piper, a sulking Rottweiler/Pitt mix, walks up to her button board after sniffing her life vest and owner's water shoes and presses the buttons for "water" and "bye."

She looks pleadingly at her owner who confirms that there will be no more water. After her best friend tells her "all done vacation" and "all done boat," Piper hangs her head and walks slowly over to another button: "Mad." Piper is less than thrilled that their vacation is over and that there will no longer be any more time in the kayak.

Piper goes to lay down with the saddest look on her adorable little face, which clearly tells everyone that she is not too happy about this new development. Dog owners have all seen that disappointed look from their dogs, but I think Piper takes the cake with her sulky little face. The large dog stares at her owner with the utmost disdain.

Piper's human wrote in the comments on TikTok, "We just went kayaking for the first time. Wasn't sure if she liked it since she hates the water. Then she tells me this!"

I think everyone feels Piper's pain. No one willing wants vacation to end. Of course, as her owner chuckles, you can tell that Piper clearly is not amused at this new development. TikTok user, Taylr Ucker-Lauderma comments, "She's like why are you laughing right now Sarah this is devastating!"

Taking Your Dog Kayaking

If you want to try kayaking with your furry friend, you can start the process slowly by introducing them to your kayak or a stand-up paddleboard on dry land before giving it a shot in shallow water. It helps to go out on a day when there is calm water, too! You can use a tandem kayak, so they can sit more comfortably in front of or behind you.

Teaching your pup to sit in a kayak is fairly simple, even for a beginner: Sit in your kayak first and call your dog over to sit with you. If your dog knows basic commands, then they will get the hang of this pretty easily. Having a couple of dog treats in your back pocket can't hurt either. Keep outings to short trips in the beginning and work up to longer adventures in the water.

Overall, your dog needs to be fairly still while out on the water. If you have an excitable dog or if your dog jumps often, your pup may cause you to capsize. However, working out the kinks in shallow water will be helpful. If you do flip over, have your dog swim alongside the kayak back to shore, just make sure they have their life jacket on for added buoyancy.

Once your pup gets the hang of being on a kayak or paddleboard, you can go out with them in fresh water and in saltwater. It is best to have a personal flotation device for you and your pup.

In general, avoid going whitewater kayaking with your pup. If you are looking for the right watercraft for you and your pup, and aren't sure what type of kayak to choose there are a lot of options out there. Consider the following when picking out your kayak:

  • Make sure there is enough room for you and your pup
  • A large cockpit can give you a lot of space
  • Do not get a narrow kayak, as they lack stability.

There are many different dog-friendly kayaks, too! You can get an inflatable kayak if you are worried about storage. If you want a dual-purpose kayak, a fishing kayak can be a great option for you and your pup. They usually are very stable boats and will have plenty of room for you and your pup! If your dog wants to kayak like Piper, there are plenty of ways to make it happen.

Safety Tips For Kayaking With Your Dog

When you are taking your pup kayaking, make sure you and your pup have PFD's on, just in case you flip over. Establish a command for your pup to get out of the water and back into the kayak. Also, keep a first aid kit with you in the water-proof compartment of your kayak. It doesn't hurt to put it in an airtight bag, just in case some water finds its way into the compartment.

Also, make sure you apply sunscreen to you and your pup. If your dog wants to kayak, keep its skin safe from the reflective water. No one want's to get a sunburn while enjoying a day out on the water!

Does your dog want to kayak? Would you take them kayaking? Share with us on our Wide Open Pets Instagram!

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