emotional elk hunt

Emotional Elk Hunt for New Hunter (Be Careful or You May Get Choked Up, Too)

Take a friend hunting. That's the great message from this video as a new hunter and his experienced friend share a moment during an emotional elk hunt.

Eric Chesser from the HUSH Life takes his boyhood friend Tory on his first big game hunt, and it turns out to be something very special. For these two longtime friends, Tory's success and his reaction to killing a cow elk is an emotional one as they celebrate and feel the pangs of taking a life at the same time.

Eric and Tory have waited for this opportunity for a long time, when their schedules could mesh and they were finally able to get together for a hunt. It's a snowy, windy day and some other friends have spotted a herd of elk crossing the hills. So they head out after them, trying to get within shooting range before they disappear over the rise.

It's tough walking through deep snow, and the exertion and adrenaline causes Tory to miss his first 300 yard shot. They hump it up and after the elk and find them in a little hollow. Eric helps Tory set up for the shot on a big, beautiful cow, and this time he connects.

Handing the camera to Tory to self-film his reaction as they walk up on the cow, Tory is struck by the size and beauty of the animal. But the impact of what he's done hits him as he lays his hands on the downed elk. He's happy that his hunt was successful, but troubled that he ended her life.

"Oh man. Oh my gosh," he utters. "This is crazy. Such a beautiful animal."

"Kind of breaks my heart, but...it's a lot of meat," he says. "I've got a baby due, in two or three weeks, a pregnant wife to feed...and this will serve us well."

"It's rough... I had no idea that it would suck. Like it's awesome but it sucks. It's such a pretty animal," he begins to get a little emotional. "I feel like I'm kind of an insensitive guy. The emotions are kinda weird. I'm not gonna lie."

Eric is also clearly emotional as he reflects on his friend's moment of success and the conflict he's feeling. It's a great moment for the two friends, something that neither of them will forget.

This is hunting. This is what true hunters and good people feel when they kill an animal. I think it says a lot about both of these men and the respect and admiration they have for the animals they harvest.

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