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Building a Shed Antler Christmas Tree: Ho, Ho, Ho!

antler Christmas tree

Eric Chesser makes good use of his shed collection this holiday season as he tries his hand at making a shed antler Christmas tree. 

Eric Chesser from the outdoors sports and film company HUSH, has collected a lot of shed antlers. He decides to follow his friend Casey’s advice and try to build his own shed antler Christmas tree.

The fact is, Eric has a whole room in his home where he stores all of his sheds. If you follow ‘The Hush Life’ at all, then you know that Eric is a fanatical shed hunter.

What a great way to actually put all of those antlers to good use this Christmas season.

He starts with the larger elk antlers and gets progressively smaller with mule deer antlers as he works his way to the top. Unfortunately, Eric has a heckuva lot of large elk antlers and not as many smaller antlers. So his tree looks a little fat and doesn’t quite have the taper he was hoping for.

But from a certain angle he thinks it looks pretty darn good. I’d say his antler Christmas tree looks good all around, especially after he installs the Christmas lights and ornaments.

Then, when he turns the house lights off and lights up the antler tree, it is really quite beautiful, and totally gives his living room a whole new ambiance.

“I guarantee I have the best Christmas tree in this neighborhood,” he proudly declares.

How about you? Do you have enough shed antlers saved up to make an antler Christmas tree? Give it a go and be sure to share your pictures on our facebook page.

Like what you see here? You can read more great articles by David Smith at his facebook page, Stumpjack Outdoors.

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Building a Shed Antler Christmas Tree: Ho, Ho, Ho!