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Remi Warren Embraces the Harshness of Solo Elk Hunting

solo elk hunting

Remi Warren embraces the struggle and the hard work of solo elk hunting. The bigger and tougher the challenge, the greater the reward, in his mind.

Talking about solo elk hunting, Remi Warren says, "I feel like a lot of people just want to hit the 'easy button.' They want instant gratification. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking to struggle for something. I'm looking to earn something."

He continues, "And take all the harshness that's there, and feel the burn. I wouldn't have it any other way."

When the weather chases other hunters out of the backcountry, that's when Warren moves in. He packs his gear and treks into the wild. He says he's quieter, faster and there's no competition from other hunters. It's becomes a contest purely between him and the elements... and the few stubborn elk that refuse to leave.

"In the backcountry, the secret is being comfortable being uncomfortable," says Warren. "Once you learn to love the harshness, the cold, the discomfort, the ripping winds, the freezing snow, and the hard miles underfoot, then there's nothing left to hold you back. And that right there is the recipe to success."

He focuses on food sources, where the elk can feed. Glassing the spaces where the wind has blown the snow from grassy openings, he searches for elk.

"All you can ask for is one encounter," he considers. "And when it happens, you need to be ready."

"There are moments as a hunter when everything slips away. And I'm completely immersed in the wild around me. Not as a bystander, but an active participant. As the wind and snow swirl, I'm thankful to the elk for life. This is the moment and a feeling I chase."

He gets philosophical as he struggles to haul out an elk. "We all have a way that we pay tribute to the animal. Mine is in the labor of it," he reflects. "I want to hurt. I want to struggle. I want to feel it. And in turn, I will always remember it."

It's a righteous ethic that speaks to the true hunter.

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Remi Warren Embraces the Harshness of Solo Elk Hunting