eat mountain lion
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Can You Eat Mountain Lion? Dispelling Another Myth

Folks often ask "Can you eat mountain lion?" whenever they see a photo of a lion killed by a hunter. If these hunters are to be trusted, yes, you can indeed eat mountain lion.

Some folks suggest that you never eat mountain lion meat. It tastes bad, they say. I've never eaten it myself, but I've always had the desire to give it a try. I guess I am just very skeptical of people who declare that some meat is out of bounds. I don't buy it.

Sure, some meat might have an off-putting flavor, but I've always felt that was peculiar to a particular animal and that blanket statements across the species were unwarranted. That's been my experience anyway, and I've eaten a lot of different critters.

Casey Lavere, from HUSH, and his hunting buddy and, I think, younger brother Logan are hunting mountain lions with J.T. Robbins in Grand Junction, Colorado. The video in this short series chronicles the six-day hunt the guys take with Allout Outfitters.

Casey got himself a lion in yesterday's video, and today, he and Logan are going to cook it up and eat it. Let's see what they have to say about eating mountain lion.

They've got a mountain lion backstrap. It looks like pork. Light in color and very lean.

Casey rubs down his chunk of lion with olive oil and then seasons it with salt, pepper and a spice mix. He then wraps three pieces of bacon around the meat, mostly for purposes of helping to keep it moist, because it's so lean. He finally wraps it in foil, making a tight little package.

Logan mixed green onions with garlic butter and poured that over and into his piece of mountain lion, which he had scored in several places. Then he, too, placed bacon on the meat and covered that again with his onion/garlic butter mixture. He also wrapped his meat in foil.

They both placed their foil packages on the grill.

When they opened up the packages and dug in, well, you can tell that Casey was very enthusiastic.

"This is crazy," he says. "Honestly. If I was to give you a piece of this, and you didn't know what it was, you'd think it was some really good, low fat pork. Without a doubt. Amazing."

Yeah, you can definitely eat mountain lion.

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