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Two Mountain Lions Swimming Across Lake Captured on Video by 11-Year Old

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An eleven-year-old boy and his father came upon the scene of a lifetime when they saw two mountain lions swimming across a lake they were fishing.

Kevin Alexander and his son Blake were out fishing on Shasta Lake in northern California a few days ago when they motored upon an exciting scene: two mountain lions swimming across the lake right in front of them.

Blake quickly grabbed his camera and began filming the big cats as they strongly swam through the water, barely paying any mind to the two anglers in the boat only yards away.

“To actually see a mountain lion in the water, it really caught me by surprise,” said Kevin. “I just assumed that cats didn’t like water. They seemed very, very comfortable. They were very, very strong swimmers.”

“I was excited,” said Blake. “I really wasn’t scared, because mountain lions really can’t get out of the water when they’re swimming in the middle of the lake.”

The two lions jumped onto the opposite bank and ran off without even taking the time to catch their breath.

“We certainly respect those animals,” emphasized Kevin. “Even when we got a little bit close I was asking him [Blake] to back up, because we understand the power of a mountain lion and what they’re capable of.”

Blake became something of a celebrity at his school, where the other students and teachers all had questions for him after they saw the video. One thing is certain, it was a nature experience that neither father nor son will soon forget. And they were fortunate enough to get it all on camera.

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Two Mountain Lions Swimming Across Lake Captured on Video by 11-Year Old